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This is a forum for gun owners to exchange information, advice and opinion about the politics of owning a gun in Australia. Items from other countries are acceptable as long as they pass the relevance test.

The forum is moderated and edited for relevance. Long threads may be archived. Minor side issues may be diverted to a separate thread or deleted.

Personal abuse and defamatory statements are liable to be deleted.

To suggest a new post or make comments about the site, email to reclaimfreedom@gmail.com

Site contributors are as follows:

David Leyonhjelm: an enthusiastic target shooter and occasional hunter; former Chairman of the Shooters Party; currently National Treasurer of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Doubletap: an erudite but shy shooter located in country NSW.

Peter Whelan: an enthusiastic sporting shooter and hunter. President of Shooters Union NSW and CLASS (the Coalition of Sporting Shooters).

Sightalignment: A politically well-connected sporting shooter.


3 Responses to About this blog

  1. ken says:

    How do you vote for the shooters party from WA

  2. David Leyonhjelm says:

    There’s no shooters party in WA as far as I know.

  3. john luvaro says:

    Im a US citizen who has worked in Australia and the UK since the ban on hand guns went into effect in these countries. Im aware that as result of these gun bans, the rate of violent crime has increased significantly in both countries. Due to the nature of my occupation, I’m able to bring into these countries personal belongings with “Minimal” customs scrutiny. Therefore, despite the law, I brought my Glock .45 and carried when ever I left my home in Melbourne or London. Fortunately, despite the high rates of street crime and home invasions, I never had to use my gun; but I acknowledge the “legal consequences” had I done so. We have a saying in the US: “Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6”. But what I fail to understand, and perhaps some “former” gun owner in Australia can answer, is this: Why did Australians behave like “Sheeple” and voluntarily turn in their guns, thereby giving up an ABSOLUTE AND MOST BASIC RIGHT OF SELF DEFENCE?

    (Note). If such a law were enforced in the US, this much I can guarantee; the streets would be littered with bodies. And many of them would be in Blue Uniforms.


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