MLC Watch

MLC Watch is up to date.  A review of the first 12 months with two Shooters Party members of Parliament will be posted soon.


One Response to MLC Watch

  1. otto says:

    as you know, our own government is swiftly taking away
    our God-given right to own firearms; if they do it anymore, the crime rate
    will go through the roof… skyrocketing… nearer the Son than our Maker!! Wiggers, rape, chaos… Do you want this for your towns? HELL NO!!! What happened after
    Katrina is a poifect example.

    I’m a very law-abiding citizen, I don’t plan
    to shoot A-N-Y-O-N-E, but if the bad guys come and there’s no protection, as there wasn’t when the hurricane hit, am I gonna say, “Oh, here, just beat me to a bloody pulp, steal my moolah, rob my domicile, rape my wife”?? I’ll give’m what they came to do in the first place; I’ll say, “You have TWO seconds to get your lily white @$$ outta
    here or you had better have hospital insurance.” Think about that, Mr.
    Hitler, err, I mean, GWB.

    God bless. Be at peace.

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