With Love From The Shooters Party

For about two years I have been receiving obnoxious letters in the mail.

All the envelopes are addressed in scrawly, childlike handwriting, probably written by a right handed person using their left hand or vice versa. The letters themselves were either written in the same handwriting or composed of items cut from a newspaper. These were mostly words or letters but in one case comprised a picture of a woman’s genitals.

Letters have been addressed to my former office, my current office, my home and my post office box.

When they first began arriving the envelopes were addressed to me using a perverted misspelling of my name. More recently they have been addressed to Klink and reveal quite a lot about the sender.

The only people who call me Klink are certain members of the Shooters Party State Executive. This was confirmed by Robert Brown MLC, who wrote on the Shooters Party website forum on 22 March 2007 said, “There is at least one skunk out there (known in TSP circles as ‘Klink’) … ”

On 31 March 2007 Robert Brown wrote on the forum, “That’s the whole point Bob … there was an extraordinary meeting held. Klink, Whelan and a couple of other shitkickers showed up, turned the notices of motion into a debate on the level of support for the Sydney Branch Executive, and were soundly beaten.”

Another letter arrived shortly after the meeting Brown refers to. Several others have also arrived following events involving me and certain Shooters Party individuals.

Just recently, Peter Whelan (mentioned by Brown) and Jim Pirie have received letters from the same individual(s).

This is an illustration of how the Shooters Party treats its most significant former supporters.

Peter Whelan donated large sums of money and enlisted numerous people to help with the party’s campaign in 2003. He is a dedicated and passionate supporter of shooters rights and President of the lobby group CLASS.

Jim Pirie is the former Vice-Chairman of the Shooters Party and was its number one candidate in 1999. But for the ignorant incompetence of Brown and Tingle in negotiating preferences, he would have been elected to parliament. Jim was also heavily involved in the 2003 campaign, organising the manning of polling booths throughout much of country NSW.

I was the Shooters Party’s Chairman from 1999 to 2005 and ran the successful campaign in 2003. It is no exaggeration to say that Robert Brown would not be in parliament but for me. I was also heavily involved in the1999 campaign.

Numerous former supporters of the party are now treated as enemies by the current incumbents, including the guy who ran the successful 1995 campaign. Hate mail is just the tip of the iceberg.

The police have copies of the letters received by me (COPS event no E30625542) and by Jim Pirie (COPS event no E29821609).

September 2005July 2005july 2006May 2006October 2006December 2006March 2007April 2007 1April 2007 2May 2007

Jim Pirie’s letters:

April 2007 JP1April 2007 JP2April 2007 JP3

We’ll continue to post the letters here as they arrive.


31 Responses to With Love From The Shooters Party

  1. Bill says:

    The writer must be someone who comes here and has seen the Belle Star name. What a sick puppy. No wonder the public thinks we’re lunatics and from the Shooters Party as well. Shame on them.

  2. Jim Pirie says:

    As I have pointed out on another forum, I trade under my own name, while I
    was not going to bother at first I then decided to become the hunter.
    I have taken this crap to the police and the writer, whilst not on record yet, will have to be extremely careful every time he has a drink from now on because once his glass is picked up, Gotcha! Also one letter was posted in Sydney and one posted in Orange, these people leave a trail that a blind man could follow, a free stubby of VB to the first person who can guess what office is based in Orange.

  3. Belle Star says:

    Now these ignorant nits have upset two of us, go get em Jimmy, I hope to meet you one day. I don’t know you but I sure am pleased that your on the same side.

  4. willy says:

    is there any doubt why the gubmints keep rolling us????? this shit, carried out in public, regardless of who is right and wrong is utter childish stupidity.ffs.wake up, put your stupid fucking ego’s aside and face the fucking enemy.if the best you can do is slag those on the same side…………………….ah whats the bloody point.

  5. Allison says:

    I am disgusted. Mr Tingle was an articulate, well mannered gentleman who gave shooting a good image. I do not know what sewer these rats live in, but as a woman I will reconsider who I vote for in future.

  6. Wendy says:

    Me too Allison, it is wrong to put this type of showing on computers where children may see it, bur worse still are those who sent these images in the first place, if they were real men they would go and meet with those who they seem to hate so much.

  7. pete2whelan says:

    I too received an abusive letter to my home, references in the content of which could ONLY have been known to The Shooters Party. My wife read it and gasped, “Thank goodness you are no longer a member. They’ve gone crazy.” I still have the letter, but have not yet referred it to the police.

  8. Robert Brown MLC made the following comments about this post on the Shooters Party forum. Read the whole thread here: http://www.shootersparty.org.au/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=50&topic=260.0

    18 June 2007
    Hello fellow Freedom Fighters,
    This site is really cooking…. I’m glad our Founder JT insisted that we give it a try.
    One of the indicators to just how successful TSP has been, is the level of “noise” generated by our detractors.
    They get frustrated that shooters won’t pay any attention to their petty whining, and so they ramp up the “noise”. Trouble is, when that noise is being generated by such a tiny minority, then it really is no louder than an irritating squeek.
    No guys, I’m not referring to The Greens, I’m talking about Klink and his regular four posters on the LDP blog – its actually only a couple using multiple aliases.
    Latest little tirade is apparently directed at me.
    As you can see…. I’m still laughing…. my credentials will stand up against any “manufactured” complaints these dweebs can invent.

    Robert Leslie Brown, MLC

    20 June 2007

    Well said Mark, well said. In my opinion, the authors are clearly trying to imply that Robert Brown is somehow “responsible” for the hate mail they have received.
    Not even worth my response. In fact I think that the self-publication of this childish material diminishes their collective standing – not that I believe they have any in the shooting hunting or angling communities in any case.

    Robert Leslie Brown, MLC

  9. Jim Pirie says:

    Quite right Mark, like Robert Brown I tend to agree with you, 8 year olds. and none of you are prepared to condemn this type of s—-, Must be nasty 8 year olds where you lot live.

  10. Robert Brown, there are two LDP sites and this is neither of them.

    Go here: http://ldpblog.wordpress.com/
    And here: http://www.ldp.org.au/

    Even you can follow that. Stop being dim.

  11. Phil says:

    It could just be a clever way our opponents are using to ‘divide and conquer’, sow mischief in our fields?

    I would prefer to think so. Otherwise, someone or group is being so childish that the mind boggles. It’s counterproductive stupidity, OR the other side being way too ‘clever’.

    Whatever. Let us be mindful of who the real enemy is, and focus on that. This sort of thing can be mega-destructive.

    Whether it is a clever ploy by our enemies, or mindless stupidity on someone within, this truly needs to be cast aside.

  12. Jim Pirie says:

    Phil, read P Whelans post, those of us who have been at the coal face from day one know that some comments come from one direction, ” cast aside” I think not, these ego maniacs think they are untouchable, they have made some mistakes already and we are waiting for our next lot of mail.

  13. Phil says:

    *shakes head*

    The ONLY people who could possibly benefit from garbage like this are our (common) opponents.


  14. Josh says:

    Hi All,

    No offence but this is ridiculous. I agree with Phil. The only people that benefit from this particular side of the blog are our anti-gun lobbyist opponants. Sure, the letters are childish and stupid and the manner of how and where they were sent is certainly offensive. At then end of the day, however, who is likely to benefit from the to and fro of this post?

    I remember a similar argument about the legality of the Sydney Branch SSAA donation to TSP campain. Where did that end up? The Daily Telegraph ran an article shortly after the election, which I belive was echoed in some community news papers, effectively casting dispursions on TSP. It came from The Greens Party, who were requesting an investigation. I challenge any person on this site to go to any large scale local shooting event and ask the shooters there whether or not they think it is better to have one or two MLC’s in parliment.

    At the same time, take a good look at who is catagorically supporting these arguments – The Greens. If that isn’t saying something about where priorities are, and where loyalties should lie, then we really are in serious trouble.


  15. SightAlignment says:


    What you are suggesting is that it is better to ignore offensive or illegal behaviour if it is done by a fellow shooter.

    I’m sorry, but that is just plain wrong. Being a fellow shooter does not excuse anyone from anything. Shooters must obey the law, abide by the constitution and respect the rights of others just like everyone else. When they fail to do so, they should be held accountable.

    If anti-shooter groups or individuals use the poor behaviour of some shooters against shooters in general, that merely highlights the fact that the poor behaviour should not have occurred in the first place.

    The dim-witted idiot responsible for this hate mail is the one damaging shooting. He’s the one you and other shooters should complain about.

  16. TopGun says:

    SightAlignment I think your scope might have sustained a bad bump, because you are way off.

    You’ve reported the incidents to police, its in their hands, and thats it. Sticking it up on the internet is a waste of bandwidth. If anything the recipients of these letters are humiliating themselves further by putting them up for public scrutiny.

    For the most part the letters seem to just be insulting, there aren’t even any physical threats in them, so big deal. At one stage Tingle had police protection because he was making enemies by speaking up for shooters. So suck it up.

  17. Jim Pirie says:

    It would seem that “Topgun” thinks that some of us should accept this type of mail in silence to appease the whims of a few ego maniacs who have the inherited idea that everything has to be done their way or else. How about we look at the facts?
    [A] The posters of this mail have not technically broken the law.
    [B] Yes, they were smart enough, or as we know them gutless enough not to make
    [C] We know who they are.
    [D] There are those in this group who complain about those who do not post
    comments under their own name, but as you may be able to see, no names on
    these letters.
    [E] As I have posted before, an open invitation is ongoing to these people to call on
    me at 8 Sydney Road Mudgee at a mutually agreable time to discuss any problems
    as I have spent a lifetime working for the sport of shooting . and will continue to do
    so mostly at my own expense, as I have done in the past.
    [F] Topgun, you also are invited, if you feel like sucking it up, whatever that means,
    [G] Old saying, ” Don’t pick on drunks or kids” drunks sober up and kids grow up.
    Also in politics, ” The toes you tread on today may well be connected to legs that
    hold up the arse you have to kiss tomorrow”
    [f] While they are picking on me they leaving everyone else alone and at the end of of
    day they must be desperate or bloody stupid to pick on an old burnt out fella in a
    tin shed in Mudgee, very small minded people

    Luv yous all,
    Jim Pirie

  18. Phil says:

    Jim, for what it’s worth, I was born Rylstone, lived in Mudgee (Market St) ’til I was 10.
    Dads family was Ulan based.

    Mudgees still a great part of the world 🙂

    Re above. I don’t have an easy answer. It sux and it’s a sad state of affairs 😦

  19. Jim Pirie says:

    Thanks Phil, no problems, as far as I am concerned this should now be relegated to the container used for this type of sludge and let’s move on.
    Some of this is about power, we see it in all parties, it is now emerging that Howard is a standover man according to the latest book, he removed, nice term, those in Gov departments who did not toe his line and demanded that his members all obeyed!!
    This is ok for a short time but eventually there are those who can see that the dictator system is failing, but if youare foolish enough to speak up too soon then you are “isolated” as one of the greats said of me.
    So Phil it is business as usual.

  20. SightAlignment says:

    Sticking it up on the internet is a waste of bandwidth. If anything the recipients of these letters are humiliating themselves further by putting them up for public scrutiny.

    I don’t think you have the faintest idea what you are saying, TopGun. Shouldn’t victims of crime and abuse tell others about it? Just suffer in silence, is that it?

    I think the only people who should suffer in silence are murder victims. And that’s only because I don’t believe in ghosts.

  21. TopGun says:

    Tell it to your mummy SightAlignment.

  22. TopGun says:

    Do you think Boris Yeltsin was balling about some letter someone sent him when he had to climb onto a tank in Moscow. Do you think Nelson Mandela was thinking about nasty letters when they locked him up on an island for a couple of decades.

    Do you think Winston Churchill was snivelling cause Hitler sent him a mean message.

    I think that perhaps Churchill was thinking of your type when he said (something which Keating later stole) that a particular member of the British Parliament was “like a shiver looking for a spine to run down.”

  23. SightAlignment says:

    Hmm, I guess you must be the bloke who sent those letters. Sick cretin.

  24. TopGun says:

    Sight, that isn’t a very logical conclusion. I think that you are just annoyed with me because of our argument about preference voting.

    But its OK, I will be the bigger man here, I am not going to descend to your level. You know that a cretin has an IQ no greater than 75 don’t you.

    [Obnoxious comments deleted by admin]

    It seems to me that the same could be said about when you left the Shooters Party to go to LDP.

  25. Pop Gun says:

    I had an IQ test the other day and got 76, that puts me in the Top Gun class.

  26. TopGun says:

    Looks like quoting a politician is treated as “an obnoxious remark” by the administrator, but calling someone a cretin is not?

    This blog is a haven for sycophantic trolls.

  27. Warwick says:

    I don’t usually leave comments or criticisms, but I have recently had a train or thought that questions the need for politicians. The way I see it, as the Australian dollar is quoted on the stock exchange, my way of thinking suggests that Australia should be managed as a business, to make money to support the population and increase the revenue to provide all the services to the people who live here, that would get rid of the need to pay tax and waste salaries on useless lying politicians lining there pockets with our hard earned wages. The present system only favors the few FAT cats who make a lot of noise and no go. If we got rid of the parasites in government and replaced them with accountable heads of the country would not that make more sense?

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  29. […] Shooters Party Hate Mail That special someone from the Shooters Party is back to his old tricks of sending nasty anonymous letters. His latest little psychotic item arrived in mid-December, […]

  30. Jim Pirie says:

    Same shit, different day,same person, very brave person who has made another basic mistake, the net is tightening

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