MLC Watch 2007

June 17, 2007

A full summary of Robert Brown’s and Roy Smith’s activities in the NSW Legislative Council is now available on the MLC Watch page.  Updates will be added on a regular basis.


With Love From The Shooters Party

June 17, 2007

For about two years I have been receiving obnoxious letters in the mail.

All the envelopes are addressed in scrawly, childlike handwriting, probably written by a right handed person using their left hand or vice versa. The letters themselves were either written in the same handwriting or composed of items cut from a newspaper. These were mostly words or letters but in one case comprised a picture of a woman’s genitals.

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Splitting The Vote

June 3, 2007

The Shooters Party represents shooters and the Fishing Party represents fishers, right? They are both single issue parties whose focus is defined by their name, or so most people would assume.

The Shooters Party seems to have different ideas. Although former MLC John Tingle occasionally claimed to speak on behalf of other groups, he rarely did much about it. Certainly most fishers didn’t take him seriously even if they knew about him. But since replacing Tingle, Robert Brown has been much more active at courting the fishing vote, addressing meetings and generally speaking out against marine parks and other Green inspired schemes to lock fishers out of certain areas.

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Unforgiveably Naive

June 1, 2007

The Shooters Party’s latest newsletter to members (with the quite flexible date of Second Quarter 2007) refers to this blog in interesting terms. Written mostly by John Tingle, whose grammatical errors are a dead giveaway, it describes it as “sad” and “representing a Party which is unregistered”.

Perceptions of sadness are a matter of opinion. We’ll let others make up their own minds. But representing another party? That’s transparently fiction. There is nothing on this site, beyond a link to the LDP, Shooters Party and Fishing Party, to suggest a connection to any party. We are simply shooters who happen to think John Tingle and Robert Brown should be held to account, otherwise the next eight years will bring no greater progress than the last 12. Read the rest of this entry »