No-one to shoot back

Amid all the inevitable grief and finger pointing arising from America’s worst school massacre in history, one aspect you are unlikely to hear much about is why nobody was able to end the reign of horror by shooting back.

There will be plenty said about the failure of the college to issue warnings, how America’s gun culture allowed it to happen, and what drives someone to do it. But the fact remains, nobody stopped it until the gunman killed himself.

This is in a State (Virginia) with quite liberal gun laws, including concealed carry permits. Quite possibly some of the student victims themselves had concealed carry permits.

Virginia law states that holders of concealed carry permits are allowed to carry on university campuses ( ). However, in the name of “safety”, certain persons lobbied successfully to prevent the carrying of firearms on Virginia Tech’s campus.

In fact, pro-gun forces just last year tried to get the Virginia legislature to address the problem. The bill to allow permit holders to carry on state-supported college campuses died, due in no small part to rabid opposition from Virginia Tech itself.

VT spokesman Larry Hincker put it this way after it became obvious that the bill would not pass: “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.”

The unfortunate irony continues when one recalls that not long ago, two students at nearby Appalachian School of Law managed to stop a gunman at that institution. Happily, they were able to dash off-campus to retrieve their guns from their vehicles. (Discussion on this here.)

The rules forbidding the carrying of firearms did not prevent Seung Hui Cho’s senseless slaughter. In fact, they encouraged his rampage because law-abiding citizens were unable to prevent Cho from completing his butchery.

The blood of those 32 innocents is on the hands of those who lobbied for victim disarmament, and on the hands of the president of the university who acquiesed to their shortsighted demands.


9 Responses to No-one to shoot back

  1. Bill Black says:

    Wrong, worse school shootingmass murders around 1921…41.

  2. A convenient pretext. says:

    Now that the US, Canada, Australia and Europe are the MultiCultural homes of peoples from all over the world, and considering the fact that many of these peoples are historically unfamiliar with the responsibilities conferred upon them when living amongst an armed populace, it is only appropriate that the European derived majority forego this part of their culture. It is in the best interests of all. [Certain comments deleted by Admin]

  3. Belle Star says:

    When laws to govern lunatics are passed , the lunatics, regardless of race, color or eye shape are prepared to abide by these laws, then we will all be safe, in USof A, Aus and all over, Yeah, dream on.

  4. pete2whelan says:

    John Howard’s security guards carry Glock 9mm semi-automatic handguns, the same ones as used by the killer at Virginia Tech. Does this mean that John Howard’s security guards are likely to use these “dangerous weapons” to commit mass murder? Will JWH demand that these guns be banned and he would be un-protected?

  5. A convenient pretext. says:

    Unfortunately the context of my comment becomes meaningless in its amended form. The self effacing deference of the European in the presence of any who whine to be a pouisecuted minority manifests not only in the eagerness with which we emasculate ourselves through legislated weapon handover, but also in immigration policy that renders us as a people irrelevant and subsumed by a MultiCultural “Democracy”. The most effective weapon in the victim’s quiver is the lie, and it is used without conscience to elicit in others self harm and the stabbing of self with guilt.
    As a people, the European continues to stab himself to death which will ultimately see his demise.
    Gun handovers or confiscations effected by politically based Kollaborators and Kapos are symptomatic of a collectively impotent state of mind.

  6. Prichard says:

    I have just happened across your blog, here. I’ve wondered for some time how the Australian Gun Owners are coping with the oppressive and highly restrictive gun laws enacted by John Howard and your government.

    Here in the US, we are constantly attacked by liberals who don’t understand the necessity of firearms ownership. We fight a hard fight, and this new shooting by an imigrant hasn’t helped. Or has it? It has spurred some debate about dissarming law abiding citizens. It has brought to our attention that police officers cannot be depended upon to actually protect us. About all they are good for is handing out speeding tickets and sometimes solving a crime weeks, months, even years after the fact.

    The concept that people are no longer responsible for their own self defense is alarming. It has certainly swept your country, and I can’t understand how. It started to sweep our country, but I am hoping that this last shooting in Virgina will wake people up to the fact that they themselves, not some “government”, must take responsibilty for protection of self and loved ones.

  7. DavidLeyonhjelm says:

    Prichard, we follow the debates in the US quite closely as our political and policy elites have no capacity for independent thought and merely follow their preferred US position.

    The self defence argument has been lost in Australia since 1996 when the draconian gun laws were introduced. It is unlikely we will make any progress until there is rollback in a major country such as yours. Even then, the elites continually try to claim the US is different. We may make more progress if Canada relaxed its gun laws a bit further.

  8. Michael Sutcliffe says:

    Obviously we’re not privy to the full story, but I think events like this will increase in this country if we continue to deny the right to self defence, all other things being equal:

  9. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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