Taking the fight up to them

In the US, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is increasingly seen as a rogue agency intent on wiping out law-abiding firearms dealers with or without legislative backing.

The aggressive pro-firearms organisation JPFO is running a campaign to have BATFE abolished. Gun Owners of America is campaigning for President Bush to reign it in. There is also a website documenting ATF abuses.

A gun shop in Idaho, the subject of a dispute with BATFE, is now running ads calling on supporters to contact their Congress representatives to have something done about it.

JPFO is also producing an hour-long video documentary, “The Gang: Using the Law to Destroy Your Freedom and Security“, the content of which is listed as:

  • A brief history of the BATFE, with emphasis on its racist origins and ongoing racism.
  • Documentary evidence that the Gun Control Act of 1968 (one of the major laws the BATFE enforces) was based on Nazi law and Nazi legal concepts.
  • Video proof that the BATFE tried to frame an American gun owner with federal felony charges by attempting to call a malfunctioning semi-automatic rifle an “illegal machine gun”.
  • Documentary evidence that the BATFE is incompetent to carry out one of its primary tasks, the classification of weapons.
  • Interviews with abused gun owners and manufacturers. We are also trying to get a BATFE whistle-blower or former agent to go on camera to give an insider’s view of BATFE corruption and ineptitude.
  • Finally, a Second Amendment lawyer will reveal how Congress and the BATFE routinely misuse the interstate commerce clause to control gun ownership and persecute firearms owners.

We can only wonder what might have been the outcome if the SSAA had used the $600,000 Michael Diamond advertising budget in a similar campaign against the Federal Justice Ministry, the department responsible for the absurd limits on firearm imports and other idiotic prohibitions including the ban on pistol calibres over .38. That amount of money would sure buy a lot of advertising, websites, petitions and other noise. At worst it would achieve exactly the same as the Diamond campaign – diddly squat.


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