A Japanese Gun Culture

April 25, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard recently said he would do anything it took to prevent Australia from acquiring an American “gun culture”.

One wonders whether he thinks a Japanese gun culture is acceptable. Guns have been strictly controlled there for many years, with handguns virtually banned. Yet Japan is experiencing a burgeoning black market in handguns with some estimates suggesting the country has up to 50,000 illegal guns.

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No-one to shoot back

April 18, 2007

Amid all the inevitable grief and finger pointing arising from America’s worst school massacre in history, one aspect you are unlikely to hear much about is why nobody was able to end the reign of horror by shooting back.

There will be plenty said about the failure of the college to issue warnings, how America’s gun culture allowed it to happen, and what drives someone to do it. But the fact remains, nobody stopped it until the gunman killed himself.

This is in a State (Virginia) with quite liberal gun laws, including concealed carry permits. Quite possibly some of the student victims themselves had concealed carry permits.

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Bought and paid for

April 11, 2007

The idea that Roy Smith’s election to the NSW Legislative Council is a victory for the Shooters Party flies in the face of the facts. The seat belongs to the SSAA, which funded and managed the campaign. The Shooters Party was merely the vehicle it used for the purpose.

An examination of expenditure and votes demonstrates the point.

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Taking the fight up to them

April 8, 2007

In the US, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is increasingly seen as a rogue agency intent on wiping out law-abiding firearms dealers with or without legislative backing.

The aggressive pro-firearms organisation JPFO is running a campaign to have BATFE abolished. Gun Owners of America is campaigning for President Bush to reign it in. There is also a website documenting ATF abuses.

A gun shop in Idaho, the subject of a dispute with BATFE, is now running ads calling on supporters to contact their Congress representatives to have something done about it.

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The Fishos Show How To Do It

April 5, 2007

The Shooters Party is a unique political party. As I have written previously, it does not believe in contesting elections in general. Rather, it only ever nominates candidates for the upper house of the NSW parliament.

The Fishing Party has quite a different outlook. It believes political parties exist to contest elections. As a consequence, although it failed to gain a seat in the Upper House, its preferences in the Lower House were crucial in determining the outcome of the seat of Port Stephens. Just 501 preferences from the Fishing Party pushed the Liberal Party ahead of Labor so that, notwithstanding Green preferences, the Liberals won by 368 votes.

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