Motley Plus

The list of Shooters Party candidates for the NSW Legislative Council is available here. It makes interesting reading both for who is there and who isn’t.

At the top of the list is Roy Smith, Executive Director of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) for more than 10 years and President of the Sydney branch. He is the only one with any realistic chance of getting elected.

Next is Robert Borsak, Chairman of the NSW Game Council. This is a statutory authority established to licence and manage hunting in state forests. He’s also currently vice-chairman of the Shooters Party and was Chairman prior to 1999. He has political aspirations and is understood to believe the party will do well enough to get him elected as well.

Joan Maraldo is a longstanding fan of John Tingle who convinced him to allocate significant amounts of money to her Finley Pistol Club via the MACOSC grants system. Robyn Bourke is a firearms dealer from Dubbo and, like Joan Maraldo, a cheerleader for John Tingle. David Cook led the campaign for a new shooting range in the Illawarra, culminating in the Hilltop project. Maybe he’s hanging around because he thinks it might need more political help.

James Muirhead is Joan Maraldo’s colleague from Finley. Alison Newbery is an employee of SSAA at St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre. Roy Smith is her boss. Some say she has political aspirations to rival those of Robert Borsak.

Robert Shaw is the longstanding Treasurer and more recently Secretary of the party. It is understood this is his first outing as a candidate, having previously avoided the limelight. John Howden is a John Tingle cheerleader, similar to Maraldo and Bourke.

Stephen Mainstone is a solicitor who regularly provides legal advice to the SSAA. He recently provided advice to the effect that the SSAA’s donation of up to $350,000 to the Shooters Party’s campaign was permitted under the Constitution, notwithstanding several legal opinions to the contrary. Surely he wouldn’t have offered advice that his clients wanted to hear, would he?

Teresa Alexeeff is the new partner of firearms dealer Tony Garland, at the Stockade. Barry Shade is Bob Shaw’s brother in law. Jeffrey Bond and Allen Mallen are not known to Sightalignment. Rodney Franich is the former hard working Secretary of the party who quit in 1999 in disillusionment. He’s apparently got over that.

Jim Thornley is a firearms dealer. Alois Ambs is president of the SSAA Illawarra branch which was formerly entirely hostile to the Shooters Party. Mitchell Newbery is Alison’s husband.

There you have it. Motley indeed, but not only.


9 Responses to Motley Plus

  1. Stephen Mainstone says:

    I note the comments attributed to myself and advice provided to the SSAA. The author/s of these comments should be aware that they have made a very serious assertion against a member of the Legal Profession.

    The comments made clearly impute that I would give legal advice that does not correspond with my true professional opinion in order to please a client. I find the imputation both offensive and defamatory and deny completely that I have done so in the past or would ever contemplate such actions in the future.

    I demand the author/s of the comments attributed to me be immediately withdrawn and an unreserved apology provided. I demand this withdrawal and apology be immediately posted on the home page of this website otherwise I will consider taking further action against the author/s.

  2. Redneck says:

    Your a candidate now Steven. An aspiring politician. Better get used to it.

  3. Michael Sutcliffe says:

    Don’t like scrutiny, big guy? Strange for a professional solicitor and aspiring politician. Well, probably not really that strange, eh?

  4. Phil says:

    Mr Mainstone. I find it interesting that someone who puts himself forward to be a representative of shooters in the NSW parliament;

    1. Gets precious the first time someone questions him. In parliament, there is NO legal redress against ‘robust criticism’. as redneck says; “get used to it” (or get out of the kitchen).

    2. Threatens ‘further action against one who would be his ‘constituent’.

    Not a good or even realistic start in the political arena Stephen.

  5. Mirrors says:

    Told you big fella!!!

  6. Belle Star says:

    Wooo Woooo Been to the Tingle school of behaviour, wrong coloured bag of lollies, chuck a tantrum or “sue” someone.

  7. Mark Hill says:

    Tell me this Shooter’s Party guys: why should I vote for you, say over any other party in the Upper House.?

  8. LOL! Hey Mark: why am I getting the idea you’ll pick apart any response offered? Let me offer this observation: TSP are out there working to win, and LP are in here bitching and backstabbing. Cheers, A

  9. Bill says:

    Agree with you there Andrew, the Liberal Party is real bad news. Especially the Qld division. Not sure what that’s got to do with Mark, but hey, as long as it makes you laugh.

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