Scare Tactics

The Shooters Party campaign in the NSW state election is based on the proposition that if they do not win a seat it will be won by the Greens. The Greens, of course, are strongly opposed to gun ownership.

The Shooters Party claims this will give the Greens the balance of power in the Upper House, with four members, and thus the ability to wreak havoc on law abiding sporting shooters. Its main pitch to shooters is that they should vote Shooters Party in order to prevent that occurring. As shown in another post, its positive policies are pretty tepid.

The prospect of the Greens having the balance of power might scare some NSW shooters (whether or not that is a realistic likelihood, given the other minor parties in the Upper House), but it is a fact of life in WA. There, the Greens really do have the balance of power in the state’s Upper House.

WA’s firearms laws are no worse than those in NSW, despite that. In some respects they are better.

Most parties attempt to offer a positive alternative to the status quo. This election will determine whether negative claims are an effective way of getting elected.


4 Responses to Scare Tactics

  1. fishfinger says:

    If you think WA’s gun laws are no worse than in NSW you probably haven’t had much contact with NSW’s gun laws.
    Despite the PM claiming we have national gun laws they are vastly different between states and NSW’s are the worst of all.
    They seem to be based on the belief that anyone who owns a firearm or even wants to find out about a sport in which one is used is either a criminal or a potential criminal.
    Don’t believe me? Then apply for an Open Day Permit and see what pretzels we have to become to obey all the rules. When you do the same in another state you’ll see how much more sensible the other states are.
    If you take up my challenge let me know what shape you’re in afterwards.
    As for the Greens… look at the rest of their policies… and shudder.

  2. Aubrey Sonnenberg says:

    This is simple, whether you like TSP or it’s people or not, it does not matter, they are the ONLY pro-shooting outfit in the game. EVERY shooter, family and friends should be backing TSP, regardless of petty differences. Shooters are their own worst enemy, we are doing the Greens’ job for them by not pulling together, get real.

  3. Sightalignment says:

    Aubrey, the question I raised here is whether a negative campaign (ie scare tactcs) will attract enough votes. Most parties prefer to present a positive alternative but the SP is not doing that.
    Also, the negative compaign is somewhat undermined by the WA experience. That raises the question whether it’s believable. If shooters don’t believe it, it certainly won’t work.

  4. Willy says:

    if anyone thinks the nsw greens are not dangerous, thay havent been paying attention. sure they may only have a couple of members in, but the day will come when they are in a position to put some muscle on the gubmint and they’ll do a deal to screw us further.or, its possible the coalition may defend us in the future, but the greens and other ferals may be just enough to sway it against us.they are our enemy and theres no filthy trick they wont try to hurt us. the rhiannon creature accused the state gubmint of enticing push bike riders into state forests to be slaughtered by hunters who lurk there. the greens are seriously bent specimens.

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