Howard urged to get tough on gun owners

A recent report issued by University of Tasmania has found that all Australian States and Territories have deviated from the 1996 National Firearms Agreement. Interviewed on ABC radio, (21. Dec. 2006) Law School Professor Kate Warner has claimed that in many States, children were allowed to shoot.

Roland Brown, of National Gun Control has urged the Prime Minister John Howard to get tough on gun owners. John Howard has already stated that he hates guns and gun owners, so here for discussion is the list of proposed “get tough” laws to be introduced:

1. Every licenced firearm owner to have the front of their home, shop or workplace marked with a bright yellow symbol, being a stylised gun, rifle, or bullet, together with the words “GUN DEN”. “This is so everyone knows who has a gun and where those guns are”.

2. Licenced gun owners must wear, at all times when in public, a similar bright yellow sign, sewn or printed on their outer clothing. “This is so the public can tell if a person is a gun owner and can be prepared”

3. Firearm Owners must have their Firearms Licence number tattooed on their inner forearm. “As a permanent indication that they own guns and should therefore be treated with contempt”.

4. Children of licenced gun owners are to be immediately removed and sent to an approved re-education facility, where they can be trained in the dangers of guns and the threat gun ownership poses to society. “These laws are for the good of the children”.

It is proposed that a special allocation of Government funds, in the form of “research grants” will be made available, to those “Approved Universities” who have shown their full support for The Howard Doctrine of Gun Control. Such Universities would already have established a Faculty of Gun Control and appropriate Professors of Gun Control in place.


7 Responses to Howard urged to get tough on gun owners

  1. Scott says:

    If this is some kind of joke, I’m not finding it funny.

  2. Scott says:

    Instead of printing bullshit, how about printing the real thing.

    Gun review finds states breaching agreement
    A review of gun laws a decade after the Port Arthur massacre has found all states and territories have breached the national firearms agreement.

    The Law School at the University of Tasmania carried out the review.

    South Australia was the worst offender. It failed to comply with resolutions requiring a genuine reason for a gun licence and adequate training of licence holders.

    Western Australia and the Northern Territory had similar breaches.

    Professor Kate Warner from the University of Tasmania says all states breached the resolution requiring licence holders to be 18 or over.

    “The legislation does allow for minor permits so it means that it’s possible for young people, very young people, to possess and use a firearm,” Professor Warner said.

    The National Coalition for Gun Control has called on the Government to introduce federal gun laws to close loop holes in the current state and territory-based system.

    Organisation spokesman Roland Browne says the Prime Minister needs to get involved.

    “What needs to happen is either the states and territories can bring their legislation into line with the national agreement or the Commonwealth Government’s going to have to legislate with their recently recognised powers so that we have just one set of gun laws across Australia,” Mr Browne said.

    Parallels with anti-jewish sentiments prior to WWII are not the way to go and publishing such tripe can only hurt our goals.

  3. True Blue says:

    Scott, go and take a cold shower.
    Then look up the meaning of satire.

  4. pete2whelan says:

    Scott. Shalom and Happy Hanukkah to you, too. If you don’t see Howard’s attacks on gun owners as persecution of a minority group and an attempt to blame us for the ills of society, then you haven’t been paying enough attention.Howard has stated time and time again that he has plans for more “tough gun laws”, so perhaps you might ask him how exactly he plans to further vilify gun owners.
    For more info on “Gun Control” from a Jewish perspective, go to

  5. Belle Star says:

    Before 9/11 if you had told the people in the Twin Towers that airplanes were going to be flown into their offices you would have been led away to some other place, this post maybe in jest, but don’t laugh all dictaters are dangerous.

  6. Besieged says:

    John Howard did not win the Federal election which brought him to power – Keating lost it. Howard had to do something to lift his esteem so took it on himself to search out and vilify a minority in society, someone who did not have the numbers nor the tax paying punch to be dangerous to him. Hence he took it out on the shooting fraternity. Notice the magnitude of people killed in motor vehicle incidents every year as compared to who die of gunshot wounds. If Howard were to treat the motorist public of this country in the same manner he trats gun owners he would be on his arse in no time.
    Hangersons in society take advantage of persons like him and so enter the likes of Roland Browne and Dr Kate Warner. Ask yourself who funds these people and their motives and then take a look at who will be next. Hunting is already on the agenda. Recreational fishing will be next. See what happens when that comes up.


    SMH 12 2 2007

    Amid claims last year that the guns buyback had been a failure and a counter claim by the Prime Minister, John Howard, that it was a success, Curr’s trial – which went unreported by media – heard the startling claim by NSW Police that firearms as a national issue were still out of control.

    In evidence presented to the trial, police said: “The possession and sale of illicit firearms is the subject of intense media, political and community interest and the recent release of statistics by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research clearly indicate the significant rise of handgun-related crimes resulting in violence.

    “These statistics indicate a 440 to 450 per cent increase since 1996.”

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