No club armourers licences yet

The NSW Firearms Registry, currently under the control of an anti-shooter zealot, has lost a few rounds in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

It recently lost a case involving the Illawarra branch of SSAA in which the ADT overturned the Registry’s decision to refuse a club armourer’s licence to a member on the grounds that he did not have the secure storage facilities required of a fully fledged firearms dealer.

The ADT found that there was a substantial difference between the storage requirements of a club armourer (essentially the same as for a normal licensee) and a dealer. The Registry was ordered to issue the club armourer’s licence on the grounds that the applicant was of good character and had the necessary storage.

The word now is that the Registry is refusing to issue any club armourer’s licences at all, pending an appeal.

Wonder how the Minister would feel if he was to receive hundreds of letters of complaints about the zealot.


One Response to No club armourers licences yet

  1. Robbity Bob The Nob says:

    I agree entirely…..this top man at FAR Murwillumbah and his little mate the Inspector of Ranges need sacking immediately….or early retirement.

    They are so blatently anti-gun , one can only suppose they enjoy the open hand they have been given for massive LAFO persecution with some relish.

    The NSW Police FAR fat-cat bureaucracy ‘Empire’ is increasing expedentially [as was predicted in 1996 after Howard].

    It will soon be too powerful to stop having a policical steam-roller effect by inself on the Poloitical climate for firearms in NSW……a bit like the Police Union in Vic as well?

    Remember the infamous NCV “report”?

    A police wish-list – yet again.

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