Victorian Elections: Success for Gun Owners!

Good news out of the election for the Combined Firearms Council of Victoria.Some of you might think that shooters didn’t do all that well out of the election. In fact we’ve done very well.While Country Alliance did not get a candidate up, it is now clear that CA’s preferences were critical in the fifth seat in the Northern Victoria Region.

Basically it came down to the 2nd Labor candidate and a Greens candidate. CA, being the ‘last excluded party’ was then in the position to determine who won the fifth spot – and as a result, our efforts through Country Alliance meant that it was in the box seat to deny the Greens another upper house seat.

This news will be even more crucial if the final Upper House structure (yet to be finalised due to ongoing counting) means that the Greens “just miss out” on holding the balance of power.

If that happens, then it will be purely as a result of the involvement of the CFCV and Country Alliance – but counting hasn’t finished so this is simply a possible scenario at this stage.

Another piece of good news is that four of the six new Cabinet members announced by Steve Bracks today were on the CFCV’s list as being identified as supportive of the shooting sports – and deserving of our support.

They are Joe Helper, Lisa Neville, James Merlino and Tim Pallas.

Four more friends of the shooting sports on the front bench!

All round, the outcome of the election looks good for the CFCV.

We will be conducting more detailed analysis of our impacts particularly in the lower house when all counting has been finalised.


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