Buy a gun day

The Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters has issued a press release declaring 18 November “National Buy A Gun Day”.

The national media has picked it up with enthusiasm. The President of CLASS, Peter Whelan, has done numerous interviews for newspapers, radio and television. Media blogs have also been humming.

The idea has also attracted the ire of the anti-gun fanatics. Roland Browne, that notorious hater of inanimate objects, has been interviewed almost as often as Whelan.

For a sample of what’s been happening click here.

Whelan apparently offered the idea to the SSAA several times but got no interest.


6 Responses to Buy a gun day

  1. Congratulations, Peter Whelan! Is it just me, or did anti-gun provocateur Justin Lees (at the Daily Telegraph) sound chastened, by the end of his silly blog post?

  2. pete2whelan says:

    Yes Andrew, Justin Lees went away with his tail between his legs. Isn’t it wonderful what informed, balanced, logical argument can acheive, compared with the hysterical rantings of the anti-gun nutters?

  3. It is. Please come up with something similar Peter, that was very effective!

  4. David Leyonhjelm says:

    Or perhaps you could Andrew. You’re still a shooter aren’t you?

  5. Cowboy Joe says:

    Justin’s last reply to me before the site was discontinued was that he may be accepting an invitation to hunt pheasant.

    Hopefully, he will make sure he has a firearm licence first and is not contemplating breaking the law just to experience wing shooting.

    When should he be in a legal position to participate? If he were to buy his own shotgun and hopefully do some practice at a clay target range I would estimate June 2007. What do you blokes think?

    One problem of course people with hunting as their only genuine reason can not participate in shooting competitions in order to develop their skill level.

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