Is the pendulum swinging back?

Firearm owners in Australia know only too well that rationality has long since left the gun control debate in this country.

Some people are now suggesting the worst is over and some sense has started to emerge. They point to responses to the Baker and McPhedran paper, which were generally positive or at least neutral. They point also to international influences such as the Canadian decision to abandon registration of most long arms and the rejection by Brazil of the referendum to ban firearms.

Others say these are not indicators of anything. With gun control fanatics pressing for further controls on semi-auto pistols, they suggest a single incident could be enough to trigger even more pointless controls.

We will only know which is right when it happens. But it raises the question – what can gun activists do that would make the former more likely than the latter?


One Response to Is the pendulum swinging back?

  1. Frank Gasparini says:

    It would be great if registration was dropped and the licencing system symplified. But there is a bright side to everything. At least licencing and registration was able to prove that most crimes were NOT committed by licenced shooters with registered firearms. That allows gun activists to say to governments “tackle the real lawbreakeers and stop targeting genuine law abbiding sports men and women!”

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